Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Five Wishes for 2018

Ah! Another new year, another set of dreams and those long (or may be short) list of disclosed and undisclosed wishes. Come on! We all have done it before and many of us are doing it even now. But you know what,  I personally admit that there's nothing calming and exciting at the same time than to explore and document (not on paper maybe, but on your mind) you new year wishes!

If you're the one who has had followed this ritual year-on-year, then believe me buddy, I could be your partner in crime 😈. Not only I do this for myself but also love to thrust it upon others (and they hate me for it).

So...I am here, with my revamped wishlist for 2018 - reminders to self. Here you go! Oh let me know how many of you have similar ones your diary.

1. Write, write and write more
This is something I am born for and yet I have not been doing this enough. Yes, I am embarrassed but not hopeless. Luckily I have a whole brigade of well wishers and friends who like to read my work and would genuinely like to see more of it. Hence, if not for me, I better gotta be doing this more for them.

2. You gotta catch up with your SOLO travel plans babe!!
Now who doesn't like traveling? For some it is that 'much needed break', for others it is a necessity, and for many others it is a way of expanding your world with new ideas, experiences and people.
But I am already experiencing a decent travel (both for work and with the family). My cravings are for solo travels....that gives you opportunities to rely on no one but self, overcome your inhibitions and give you that aha moment in the end! (Still gearing up)

3. Chuck those small, useless fights 
Being vigilant is good, being sensitive even better -  but ONLY for the stuff that truly deserves your attention. 
I am guilty of wasting many golden years of my life just worrying over who will think what. And today, when I look back and repent my decisions for not following my heart - be it in studies, profession or at personal level; the "wiser" me wants to scream at myself. 
In past few years, I have evolved for better - ignore nonsense, throw out useless and fake friends and be more assertive and daring. And as I evolve with each passing day, I realise there's so much more to do - more of ignoring the crap and more of focusing on my dreams and things which truly would matter after 20 years.  
In 2018, I want to take a bigger leap by disposing of the gossips, ridicule and small talks (this of course includes unnecessary involvement social media). That should give me more time for better stuff. 

4. Run a Marathon
This is an easy one, huh. Well I'm already gearing up with the #PowaiRun2018. It's a dream run though for it's my first official run and is gotta be special! Hope to run more this year.

5. Network More

 Much to the surprise of my colleagues and importantly my husband, I was an introvert once. Yes, ladies and gentlemen - I was that apparently boring, sluggish party pooper who everyone loved to avoid. Again, with time, I overcame my inhibitions, forced myself in the social gatherings, parties and even for that matter those ever-boring team lunches. Not an inch exaggerated -  it was hell lot of a hard work for me to initiate conversations and then to keep it going. Must admit, all those efforts that gave me goosebumps back then, have made me more confident. I'm yet to claim that people love to have me around, but I somehow mange my way. 
This year I want to meet more people, expand my circle, learn from them and share my stories. I read this article somewhere that said rather than spending your time and money on tangible stuff, invest it on gathering experiences, for a fuller, richer life. 
In the last 5 years, I have met a variety of people, heard their stories of their struggles, triumph and joy. This has added immense value to my personality and my outlook towards life. 

So friends, here's the top five things I would like to definitely do in the next 12 months (of course there are many more - losing weight, getting a pay hike, purchasing a car.....etc, etc. But that can wait for a while).
Let 2018 be the year I am proud of and I wish the same for you. Would love to hear about your wishlist for the year.


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